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Changes to the Sea Alarm Board

There have been a number of changes to the Sea Alarm Board in 2008. Dr. Ian White retired as Vice-Chairman; Mr. Rutger Strengers retired as Treasurer; and Mr. Jim Conroy and Mr. Jan Rusin retired as Board Members. Sea Alarm is delighted to welcome Mr. Chris Morris, who succeeds Dr. Ian White as Vice-Chairman, and Mr. Lon Langlois who succeeds Jan Rusin.

After an extended term of four years and after many years of cooperation with Sea Alarm, Dr. Ian White stepped down as Vice-Chairman. Sea Alarm is most grateful for Ian’s infallible support and commitment, which started in 2000 when he was still Managing Director of ITOPF. Sea Alarm is pleased to announce that Mr. Chris Morris, the former Secretary General of IPIECA, has accepted to succeed Ian as Vice-Chairman.

Three other Board members also retired from service this year: Mr. Rutger Strengers retired as Treasurer, Mr. Jim Conroy and Mr. Jan Rusin retired as Board Members.

Rutger Strenger’s served two terms and should be credited for his strong commitment in building Sea Alarm’s internal structure, including financial governance and transparency, employment and the functioning of the day-to-day management. In the last year of his service, he was closely involved with the transfer of Sea Alarm’s formal seat from the Netherlands to Belgium which was completed in 2008.

Jim Conroy has been involved with Sea Alarm since 2001 and played a crucial role in the early days when the organisation was poorly funded and was strongly dependent on the personal commitment of a few individuals. He made invaluable contributions to Sea Alarm’s activities and to the building the Sea Alarm’s credibility. In his first term, Jim acted as Vice-Chairman and was succeeded by Ian White in 2004.

Jan Rusin (Talisman Energy), who was also a Board Member of Oil Spill Response, played an important role in facilitating the cooperation between Sea Alarm and Oil Spill Response in 2005. He helped ensure that the potential of the relationship and the joint programme was maximized. He also played an important role in strengthening Sea Alarm’s governance and the functioning of the Board.

Jan Rusin is followed by Mr. Lon Langlois who is emergency response and crisis management advisor in Hess Corporation, and Board Director of Oil Spill Response. Jim Conroy’s position is still vacant.

The present composition of Sea Alarm’s Board can be found on the website.

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