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Board membership is based on personal knowledge, skills and experience. Board members represent themselves (personal title) and not the organisations they are affiliated with.

Chair: Ms. Lucy Zima (NL), Oil and Gas Sector, Total

Vice-Chair: (Vacant)

Secretary:  (Vacant)

Treasurer: Mr. Nico Sickler (NL), Banking and Finance, Oreijs Capital & Management


Mr. Richard Santner (UK)

Ms. Sonja van Tichelen (BE)
International Fund for Animal Welfare

Dr. Walter Nordhausen (DE)
Formerly European Maritime Safety Agency, OSRPI California

Mr. Yannick Autret (FR)

Ms. Karin Weisenborn (NL)
Formerly STV Mahieu Advocaten, Lundin Petroleum, Weisenborn-Linskaill & Associates, Dutch Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association

Ms. Mariluz Parga (ES)

Ms Aida Bakra
ADS Insight

Mr. Willem Osterveen
Formerly International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds

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