Our work

Sea Alarm plays a unique role within the global oiled wildlife community, serving as coordinator for many aspects of oiled wildlife preparedness and response. In every aspect of Sea Alarm’s work our focus in on ensuring that all stakeholders’ interests and concerns are taken into account in any decision making process.

Preparedness and advocacy

In Europe, Sea Alarm has been actively advocating for oiled wildlife to be included in planning and preparedness exercises within countries and regions. Recognising the importance of having a plan in place before an oil spill affects wildlife, Sea Alarm has developed expertise in helping create oiled wildlife response plans on local, national and regional levels.

Training and exercises

With plans in place, the next step toward true preparedness is having regular training and exercises to improve responder skills and uncover any areas needing further development within the plan and/or among the participants. Sea Alarm has created a series of training programmes, and tabletop, equipment, field and other exercises to help with this process.


When a spill involving wildlife occurs, Sea Alarm is prepared to assist with a response  at various levels, from providing advice and support remotely to aiding with on the ground assessment, mobilisation of specialist equipment and personnel.

Research and innovation

In order to understand the impact of an oil spill on wildlife, scientists must be involved in assessing populations and habitat before, during and after the spill. Sea Alarm supports and promotes research in these areas and taps into networks of population scientists who can provide important data when needed. Sea Alarm also works with networks of wildlife response experts who are encouraged to define, improve and apply best practices in the care of oil threatened and affected wildlife to constantly improve the long term survival of these animals.

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