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Established in 1999, Sea Alarm has its roots in Europe’s wildlife rehabilitation community. With the goal of creating a more professional and coordinated network of European oiled wildlife responders, Sea Alarm has made significant contributions to the development of oiled wildlife preparedness and response capabilities, and to building response capacity and cooperation across Europe. Today Sea Alarm is focused on expanding these activities throughout the world.

Working in close collaboration with NGOs, government authorities, and the oil and maritime industries, Sea Alarm initiates and facilitates strategic preparedness activities for oiled wildlife response: raising awareness of the importance of wildlife response planning and advocating for further integration into spill response activities, as well as enhancing  the professionalism and cooperation in oiled wildlife response efforts.

Our vision & mission

Our vision is government, industry and non-governmental organisations working together to create innovative, sustainable, multi-stakeholder solutions to optimise the prevention of, preparedness for and response to marine wildlife emergencies.

Sea Alarm seeks to achieve its vision by facilitating and motivating strategic alliances among non-governmental organisations (NGOs), governmental organisations and the oil and maritime industries to:

  • be prepared for an oiled wildlife emergency as part of any oil spill response contingency planning; and
  • respond professionally and effectively to oiled wildlife incidents according to best international standards.

How does this work in practice?



Sea Alarm was first established in the Netherlands in 1999, and operated under Dutch Law until 2007, when the Sea Alarm Board started the process of transferring the formal seat of Sea Alarm from the Netherlands to Belgium.

Sea Alarm was founded by Royal Decree in Belgium on 17 December 2007 and has been registered as a Public Foundation (no. 0894.810.152) since 21 January 2008.


Our team

Sea Alarm is governed by an international Board and the day-to-day management is delegated to the General Manager.


Financial support

Find out more about Sea Alarm’s funding.


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