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Revamp of

As part of an internal project that had started already in 2009, Sea Alarm has been working to develop a total remake of the existing A new design was developed and some exciting facilities were added. The website now looks totally different and will have many surprises for those of you who frequently visited the old version. For instance we have added a database of spills in Europe and elsewhere around the globe in which wildlife was affected. We are still in the process to adding information but you will already recognise the potential of this tool.

The new website will be the home of EMPOWER, the initiative that was started last year and aims to assist European NGOs to professionalise their contribution to national oiled wildlife responses.

We invite our readers to have a critical look at this new product and feed us back their opinions. We would strongly appreciate any help, advice and assistance to make this website a high quality path to relevant information on oiled wildlife response and preparedness. Thank you!

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