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Sea Alarm’s international oil spill response network is extensive and branches out into many areas of professional oil spill response. It includes oil companies, ship owner organisations, oil spill response organisations, maritime insurers and (inter)governmental organisations. Thanks to this global network, Sea Alarm can build partnerships and facilitate the ad hoc cooperation between these professional entities and wildlife response organisations.

Oil companies

As part of Sea Alarm’s partnership with Oil Spill Response, it has a relationship with each of Oil Spill Response‘s members which include the largest and internationally operating oil companies. Sea Alarm is regularly consulted by the oil industry to provide training or lectures, to participate in exercises, or attend meetings and conferences.

Ship owner organisations

There are a number of organisations that act on various issues on behalf of member companies. Some of these organisations are active in the field of preserving the marine environment and are interested in the activities of oiled wildlife responders. Sea Alarm often can count on the support from these organisations.

Oil spill response organisations

Sea Alarm’s most important partner, Oil Spill Response, is the largest oil spill response company in the world. They are part of a global response network in which the most outstanding response organisations cooperate. Sea Alarm can easily tap into the contacts and resources of these organisations, which together have a global coverage.

Maritime insurers

There are 13 so called Protection and Indemnity Clubs (P&I Clubs) which are not-for-profit organisations that together insure the majority of the world’s merchant fleet. Together these P&I Clubs work together under the International Group which enables them to deal with the largest claims that they may run into. Sea Alarm was introduced to the P&I Clubs and the International Group by the International Tanker Owners Pollutions Federation (ITOPF) and ever since has maintained good relationships with them. Sea Alarm’s close relationship with ITOPF also ensures that it can work effectively towards oiled wildlife responses which are recognised as professional and are given serious consideration by the P&I Cubs in a claims compensation.

(Inter) governmental organisations

Sea Alarm is recognised as a professional expert organisation by an increasing number of national and international authorities. In Europe, Sea Alarm is widely known and appreciated by individual countries and in forums in which governments cooperate, such as the regional conventions and specialized bodies of the European Union.

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