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Porvoo Rescue Centre (Chair: Timo Asanti)


800 845 Travel by bus to Porvoo  
845 900 Welcome and introduction Porvoo Rescue Centre Mr. Mika Siitonen (Eastern Uusimaa Rescue Service)
845 930 Health and Safety and Oil Pollution, “A Balanced Approach” Mr Richard Thompson (RSPCA)
930 1000 Responding to oiled wildlife Ms. Barbara Callahan (IFAW)
1000 1030 Search, Rescue and Transportation During an Oil Spill Mr Richard Thompson (RSPCA)
1030 1100 Coffee  
1100 1130 Setting up and Managing a Wildlife Hospital for Oiled Birds Ms. Barbara Callahan (IFAW)
1130 1200 Considerations for Building a Permanent Facility Mr. Claude Velter (VOC Ostend)
1200 1300 Lunch  
1300 1420 Excursion and introduction to Finnish mobile Bird Care Unit Mr. Mika Siitonen (Eastern Uusimaa Rescue Service)
1420 1430 Coffee  
1430 1450 Global Response Services to the Oil Industry Mr. Hugo Nijkamp (Sea Alarm)
1450 1510 Developing Mobile Equipment for Oiled Wildlife Response in Estonia Ms. Murel Merivee (State NatureConservation Centre)
1510 1600 Dicussion: Baltic networks and cooperation  
1600 1700 Travel back to hotel  
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