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SYKE (Chair: Timo Asanti) 


900 From Hotel to venue (SYKE)  
900 920 Registration and coffee  
920 935 Opening and welcome Mr. Timo Asanti, Mr. Toni Jokinen, Mr. Hugo Nijkamp
935 955 International Oiled Wildlife Response: Concepts and Backgrounds Mr. Hugo Nijkamp (Sea Alarm)
955 1010 Helcom Work on Response to Pollution at Sea Ms. Monika Stankiewicz (HELCOM)
1010 1030 Arrangements for Oil Spill and Oiled Wildlife Response in Finland Mr. Kari Lampela (SYKE)
1030 1100 Coffee  
1100 1130 Integrating Species Sensitivity and Conservation Status in Oil Combatting Decision Making Prof. Dr. Sakari Kuikka (University of Helsinki)
1130 1200 Oiled Wildlife Response Case Studies: Lessons Learnt Mr. Hugo Nijkamp (Sea Alarm)
1200 1230 Effects of Chronic Oilling on Baltic Seabirds, especially Long Tailed Ducks Mr. Kjel Larsson (University of Gotland)
1230 1330 Lunch  
1330 1350 Oiled wildlife Response Planning Mr. Hugo Nijkamp (Sea Alarm)
1350 1410 Oil Spill and Wildlife Response, Examples of Baltic NGO Cooperation Mr. Toni Jokinen (WWF- Finland)
1410 1430 Building International Response Networks Mr. Hugo Nijkamp (Sea Alarm)
1430 1500 Coffee  
1500 1630 Preparedness in the Baltic Region Participants
1630 1700 Discussions  





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