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GOWRS Holds First In-person Meeting Of 2020 In The UK

GOWRS holds first in-person meeting of 2020 in the UK

February saw the first in-person meeting of the Global Oiled Wildlife Response System (GOWRS) for 2020, which was held in the UK.

The meeting included a day spent at the Oil Spill Response base in Southampton, where the GOWRs project partners took centre stage in an equipment exercise evaluating the OSRL wildlife equipment in relation to a specific incident scenario. The GOWRS project partners also carried out part of the meeting during a visit to RSPCA headquarters in Horsham.

With former project coordinator Paul Kelway’s move from Sea Alarm to Oil Spill Response in 2019, project coordination now sits with the GOWRS network members themselves, with Sea Alarm currently acting in a facilitating role. Hugo Nijkamp attended the meeting as Sea Alarm’s representative and participated in discussions about future activities and strategic priorities for the GOWRS project network.

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