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December 2007

Sea Alarm participated in a meeting to prepare a table top exercise, intended to test the preparedness of Belgian agencies in a simulated oiled wildlife emergency. The exercise was conducted in March 2008.

Hugo Nijkamp (Sea Alarm) was a guest speaker at the EUROMED workshop on the protection of coastal areas from marine pollution, held in Rome. Before an audience of representatives of Civil Protection Agencies from Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and Morocco, Hugo Nijkamp gave a presentation on Safeguarding Oiled Wildlife.

Roser Gasol (Sea Alarm) attended the Middle East Network for Animal Welfare (MENAW) Conference, in Cairo, and together with Coralie Farren (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and Anand Ramanathan (International Fund for Animal Welfare), she organised a working group meeting on oiled wildlife response.

Hugo Nijkamp (Sea Alarm) was an invited guest and speaker at the Ninth Meeting of the HELCOM Response Group in Lisbon, Portugal. Hugo Nijkamp provided an introduction to the subject of the integration of oiled wildlife response plans.

November 2007

Sea Alarm sent a small team to assess the situation in the aftermath of the Volganeft-139 spill in Russia.

Sea Alarm assisted with the coordination of the wildlife response organisations, following the Duncan Island spill north of the Frysian Wadden Islands in the Netherlands.

A national workshop was organised by Sea Alarm (Roser Gasol) and Arao Foundation with the assistance of Cepreco, on oiled wildlife response and preparedness. Held in La Coruna, Spain, the workshop brought together the leading governmental agencies in each of the coastal regions of Spain.

October 2007

The first Master Class of European Oiled Wildlife Responders took place in Ostend, Belgium, immediately following the Fourth Sea Alarm Conference.

The Fourth Sea Alarm Conference took place in Ostend, Belgium. Over 95 participants from 17 countries gathered in the Thermae Palace Hotel to discuss the Conference theme, Oiled Wildlife Response, Planning and Cooperation.

September 2007

Together with SWAN, Sea Alarm chaired a meeting in Norway that brought wildlife NGOs together, with the view of increasing cooperation between them. The seven participating organisations agreed to work towards the creation of an umbrella organisation, which would provide one focal point for authorities to liase with.

July 2007

Sea Alarm (Roser Gasol) gave a presentation as part of a training course organised by the Foundation for the Conservation and Rehabilitation of Marine Mammals (CRAM), in PremiĆ  de Mar, Barcelona, Spain. The course, which focused on the rehabilitation of marine animals, dedicated a full session to oiled wildlife. For further information, please visit

Sea Alarm participated in ExxonMobil’s Emergency Response Exercise held in Sakhalin Island, Russia.

June 2007

Sea Alarm (Hugo Nijkamp and Roser Gasol) attended the 9th International Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference, in Monterey, California and gave presentations on European oiled wildlife response planning, Training program for wildlife responders and New European tools for oiled wildlife preparedness and response. Sea Alarm was on the panel of the discussion group which explored the different approaches of building an oiled wildlife response organisation. Informal meetings also took place to discuss training events for European oiled wildlife responders in SE Asia.

Sea Alarm, together with the Wildlife Rescue Centre in Ostend, joined in Procter & Gamble’s Sustainable Earth Day activities. They presented a poster on the international framework for oiled wildlife response.

May 2007

A Sea Alarm Board meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium.

Sea Alarm (Hugo Nijkamp) traveled to Tallin, Estonia to discuss oiled wildlife response planning with the Estonian authorities, and also gave a lecture on oil spill clean-up at a training workshop for Estonian volunteers.

Sea Alarm (Roser Gasol) attended the 8th Meeting of Focal Points of the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC), in Malta and gave a presentation on International Cooperation. The Meeting examined the implementation of the programme of activities of REMPEC since the 7th Focal Points Meeting and discussed and proposed the programme of priority activities for 2008-2009. It was followed by a one day workshop on the Integration of Oil Spill Emergency Plans organised by the Mediterranean Oil Industry Group (MOIG).

April 2007

Sea Alarm organised a meeting with the leading international wildlife responders to discuss and design an international training programme for oiled wildlife responders. The meeting was held in Southampton, UK on 16-18 April 2007.

March 2007

Sea Alarm (Hugo Nijkamp) presented a paper entitled on Wildlife Response – the Role of Sea Alarm in Providing Support at the 2007 SPILLCON Conference, in Perth, Australia. The conference was organised by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and the Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP). For further information, please visit

February 2007

Sea Alarm (Roser Gasol) traveled to Norway in the aftermath of the MS Server incident. She visited the facilities and participated in meetings with various stakeholders.

January 2007

Sea Alarm launched the central portal and information site The website was developed to support authorities, organisations and individuals interested in the field of oiled wildlife response, preparedness and rehabilitation.

Sea Alarm attended an oiled wildlife response plan development meeting in the Netherlands and took part in the Editing Committee review of the draft national plan.

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