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Update on Progress in Portugal

Several Portugese NGOs are working together to develop an oiled wildlife response plan for Portugal (see earlier newsletters). A working group has been tasked with the preparation of the first draft of the plan, which will be reviewed by the entire group once completed.  The working group has determined the principles for the notification and communication procedures, established the main geographical challenges, and identified the texts and structures that could be adopted from the Belgian oiled wildlife response plan, which is being used as a model.

The Institute for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity (ICB) is playing an advisory role in the development of the plan and will play a coordinating role in the execution of the plan in case of an incident. Sea Alarm assists the working group with the development of the plan and attends its meetings.

The Portuguese Navy, which is the main authority for oil spill response and preparedness, has indicated that the final plan will be integrated into the national oil spill response plan (Plano Mar Limpo).

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