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Sea Alarm provides training for the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

TUBITAK oiled wildlife response planning courseIn May, Tim Thomas gave an invited one day course on Oiled Wildlife Preparedness and Response for the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK) at their Marmara Research Centre in Gebze. The special wildlife day session was part of TÜBITAK’s ‘Maritime Accidents-Hazardous Waste Management, Restoration of Contaminated Areas and Wildlife Rehabilitation’ workshop.

Sessions presented by Tim included an introduction to the role and activities of Sea Alarm, an introduction to spills affecting animals, examples of spill responses, and rehabilitation methodologies including set-up and management of an oiled wildlife facility. The sessions were well-attended by research facility staff and environmental ministers.

After the workshop, Tim visited the Research Centre and was given a demonstration of the Institute’s integrated computer programme for oil spill response, which includes GIS mapping of real-time ship movements, vulnerable marine resources, and wildlife habitats, breeding and migration areas.

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