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Sea Alarm Granted IOPC Funds Observer Status

Sea Alarm granted IOPC Funds observer status

At its most recent meeting in, November 2017, the IOPC Funds Assembly granted Sea Alarm’s request for observer status in the convention.

This is an important international Convention in which governments develop and agree the rules and criteria for financial compensation for oil pollution damage following spills of persistent oil from tankers.

The rules and criteria that are agreed by the Assemblies of both Funds (which are meeting together), are normally also used as guidance by vessel insurance companies (called P&I Clubs) while settling financial compensation for tanker and non-tanker oil spills. In its observer status, Sea Alarm aims to highlight issues of animal welfare and marine conservation to the dynamics of the Convention.

Below is the text of official decision, taken from the full report of the the meeting, which can be found here.

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