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Sea Alarm Contributes To The POPCORN Project

Sea Alarm contributes to the POPCORN Project

Sea Alarm is an Associated partner in the Preventing Oil and Plastics Contamination of Ocean Regions of the North (POPCORN) Project.

This clustering project of the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) programme brings together either ongoing or already completed NPA (APP4SEA, Circular Ocean & Blue Circular Economy) and Baltic Sea Region (OIL SPILL), projects which address maritime pollution issues.

POPCORN takes outcomes and best practices of the individual projects and shares them with the new regions and organisations in the NPA region and beyond.

On the 18th of May Sea Alarm supported the project with delivery of two presentations during the Oil Spills and Wildlife Protection webinar. Daniela Barreras Biesot gave an overview of oiled wildlife response during the Bow Jubail incident in the Netherlands and Saskia Sessions-Puplett continued with a presentation on ‘EUROWA: What it is and how it can help’.

On the 21st of June Sea Alarm and EUROWA, with the support of EUROWA chair Vanessa Ryan (WWF Finland), also took part in the #POPCORN2022 Twitter conference (Session 1. Cooperation in oil spill response), providing a series of Tweets about EUROWA: a mutual assistance system for oiled wildlife response in Europe with tweets covering what the Network is, including its training, standards and response capabilities.

The POPCORN project reaches its final stages at the end of June 2022, but we are pleased to have contributed to some of the project outputs and to be part of the POPCORN Toolkit, which provides numerous resources to disseminate the outputs from all the projects embraced to a wider audience, raising awareness on marine pollution in the Northern waters.

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