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Sea Alarm continues work with Dutch oiled wildlife responders

In October, Hugo Nijkamp attended and chaired the board meeting of Oiled Bird Rehabilitation Netherlands (Stichting Olievogelopvang Nederland-SON). Sea Alarm is advising and assisting SON in firming up its coordinating role in preparedness and response activities in the Netherlands.

Rijkswaterstaat, part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, is providing a financial contribution to that objective which will help SON create a platform for preparedness and response for wider group of Dutch wildlife response organisations.

This budget allows Simone Jay (on a contract with Sea Alarm) to provide SON with key administrative and logistic support to achieve this by mid-2016. Included in Simone’s work is translating some recently published documents (POSOW Oiled Wildlife Training package, and the European Protocol for the Rehabilitation of Oiled Birds) so that SON will have access to the internationally developed guidelines for oiled wildlife care in the Dutch language.

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