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Sea Alarm At Interspill 2022 Conference

Sea Alarm at Interspill 2022 conference

The Sea Alarm team attended the Interspill 2022 conference, one of the main events in the international oil spill calendar. This year’s conference took place in Amsterdam in June.

Saskia Sessions-Puplett presented on the EUROWA network in the wildlife session of the conference, explaining how the network is set up, what services it provides in Europe and how the EUROWA-2 project is adding value to that work.

The team also participated in a lunch meeting, organised to discuss the future of the Global Oiled Wildlife Response System (GOWRS). At the session, an audience of interested persons from the international community of oil and shipping companies, wildlife response NGOs, authorities and Regional Agreements, heard Hugo Nijkamp present, and lead a discussion on, the future direction of the inititative; which is to build capacity for professional oiled wildlife response services at a global level. The community at the meeting also celebrated the milestone of GOWRS becoming integrated on a best endeavours basis into the services that Oil Spill Response provides to its industry members.

Interspill 2022 was also an important opportunity to reconnect with many familiar faces in the international oil spill response and oiled wildlife response community and to learn about new tools and insights being developed which are of interest for Sea Alarm’s work.

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