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Roser leaving Sea Alarm

In April Sea Alarm sadly had to say goodbye to Roser Gasol. Roser had been working for Sea Alarm since February 2006 and has been significantly contributing to the many achievements the organisation had in that four year period. Roser has been responsible for producing the so called Country Wildlife Response Profiles, which recently have been published on Sea Alarm’s website. Also she has assisted with the many projects that Sea Alarm has undertaken, such as the various European projects in 2006-2009 that have led to new international guidelines and tools. One of her largest personal achievements was the organisation of a national workshop on oiled wildlife response and preparedness in Spain in 2007. It seems that this work will see a follow-up project in 2010, for which a proposal has been submitted. Roser plans to work together with a Spanish organisation to carry out that project, with Sea Alarm providing support.

We are missing Roser every day in our office as we all know her as a very cheerful person, with nice and entertaining stories, a lot of laughter and energy. We wish her all the best.

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