Oiled Wildlife incident in Estonia

Baltic Oiled Wildlife Responders Meeting Report

Proceedings of the EU Workshop on Oiled Wildlife Response Planning

Proceedings of the EU Workshop on Cleaning and Rehabilitation of Oiled Wildlife
Nijkamp, H., J.W.H. Conroy, and T. Thomas (2001)

Wildlife Response after Oil Spills
In: Conference Handbook; Oil Pollution 2001
Lloyd’s List Events
London, May 14-15, 2001
Nijkamp, H. and K. Lankester (2000)

An international rapid response network for marine rescue and rehabilitation. A feasibility study
Argo Sea Use and Wildlife Consultancy, Delft, NL

“Jessica” Oiled wildlife response Galapagos Islands
Sea Alarm Foundation

January-February 2001

Setting up Sea Alarm; A proposed programme of action
Sea Alarm Foundation
Task Force March 2001

The activities of the Sea Alarm Foundation in the aftermath of the Prestige incident

Prestige cover.small

The activities of the Sea Alarm Foundation in the aftermath of the Tricolor incident
Tricolor cover.small

Guidelines for Oiled Wildlife Response
Results Athens Workshop
March 1-2, 2004

Appendix: Session Reports, Athens Workshop

Sea Alarm fact sheet

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