The EU Directive on Offshore Safety: what does it mean for the development of professional oiled wildlife response preparedness in Europe?
Interspill conference, March 2015

Creating a realistic oiled wildlife response exercise
Cleaner Seas, June 2014

Future Spills: A view from the Sea Alarm Foundation
Spill Alert Issue 11 June 2013, pgs 12-14

Facts and myths about marine mammals and oil spills
Cleaner Seas,  Spring 2013

The oil industry’s continued commitment to oiled wildlife response
Cleaner Seas, Winter 2010

Update on European oiled wildlife preparedness and response
Cleaner Seas, Spring 2010

New EMPOWER network launched for the response to marine wildlife emergencies
ISCO Newsletter 209, November 2009

Empower: A new European initiative for oiled wildlife response and preparedness
Interspill 2009 Show Catalogue, 12-14 May 2009

Responding to Oiled Wildlife Incidents
Cleaner Seas, Spring 2009

Combatting the Deadly Effects of oil on Marine Life
Wildlife Middle East, Volume 3, Issue 2, September 2008

Oiled Wildlife Reponse Planning in the Baltic Sea Region
Cleaner Seas, Spring 2008

The Sea Alarm Foundation
Cleaner Seas, Winter 2007/08

Oiled Wildlife Response in Norway
Cleaner Seas, Autumn 2007

Oiled wildlife response: towards professional and effective approaches
Cleaner Seas, Winter 2006/07

Preparing for Oiled Wildlife Emergencies
Cleaner Seas, Spring 2006

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