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Sea Alarm invests a lot of time and energy in creating training opportunities for different target groups within the community of marine wildlife emergency responders. Target groups include emergency response managers, wildlife response managers, hands-on responders and scientists. Sea Alarm also organizes training events and contributes to exercises that enable groups of responders to gain knowledge and cooperate together.

Apart from developing its own training modules, lectures and exercises, Sea Alarm contributes to and/or facilitates training events or modules provided by others. Sea Alarm assists oil companies or governmental agencies in their efforts to develop consistent training programmes to train key staff positions in an oiled wildlife response or exercise programmes in which trained staff can develop expertise and experience in realistic environments.

The more training opportunities and exercises that are organised, the better prepared stakeholders can become. Funding is obviously is a key issue. Involving Sea Alarm in the planning of a training exercise does not only guarantee its expert contributions, but it also assists in the identification of other trainers or contributions that could be requested from specialized bodies. Sea Alarm is also able to explore external funding opportunities on behalf of other organisations. If a particular training event aims to increase cross border cooperation in Europe, Sea Alarm may also be able to consider some of its own funding opportunities.

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