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Activate us on:
+32 2 2788 744 (office)
+32 49 49 000 12 (mobile)
+32 49 74 103 68 (mobile)

Please activate Sea Alarm by telephone (not email) for emergencies.

Sea Alarm is on call 24 hours, 7 days a week to receive notifications of oiled wildlife incidents and requests for assistance. Sea Alarm has direct access to wildlife response groups and experts, and is able to mobilise equipment and resources, and liaise with government and industry organisations at a moment’s notice.

Activating Sea Alarm’s emergency assistance sevice is free of charge. Responding to incidents is our job and we will not turn away anyone who is in need of professional assistance but does not have the resources to pay for it. We consider the search for adequate funding for a wildlife response as part of our job.

Further details on Sea Alarm’s Emergency Assistance  Mobilisation levels are found here.

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