Industry planning and preparedness

Sea Alarm is a reliable partner for industry to develop an adequate level of preparedness for oiled wildlife response, e.g by assisting with the development of dedicated oiled wildlife response plans, providing training for oil spill response managers or hands-on responders, or assisting with the integration of wildlife aspects in oil spill exercises.

Over the years we have assisted a large number of companies in their aim to develop preparedness in different countries in the Americas, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

With colleague organisations and in consultation with our clients, Sea Alarm has developed a large portfolio of training courses (ICS managers, wildlife response managers, first responders), field and table top exercises and state of the art wildlife response plans. With its unique experience working with Governments, Industry and NGOs, Sea Alarm is able to bridge gaps, moderate processes and solve problems, so that preparedness can really build upon the strengths that each of these parties can bring to the table.

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