Preparedness services

Experience shows that the best way to ensure that wildlife affected by oil is successfully treated is to have a wildlife plan in place before a spill actually occurs. Although most coastal countries have an oil spill contingency plan in place, few of these plans include a section that explicitly deals with a planned response to oiled wildlife. This is surprising as a major oiling event can potentially affect tens of thousands of animals, especially birds, and once washed up on shore, a country will be facing a significant animal welfare problem. To solve that problem will require a dedicated response.

Sea Alarm supports anyone who wishes to be prepared for such a response by providing assistance with planning, the development of response infrastructure (e.g. capacity, facilities), the facilitation of training and exercises and the identification and purchase of equipment.

Sea Alarm’s advocacy programme aims at authorities, regional agreements and governmental institutions to the advance of instruments and programmes that assist and encourage the development of response plans and higher levels of international preparedness.

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