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Sea Alarm is continuously working to identify, consolidate and expand international resources and an infrastructure to make these resources quickly available to national stakeholders. See response services.

Global resources


In close cooperation with Oil Spill Response, Sea Alarm identifies experts and expert groups that are able to assist at an international level. Sea Alarm facilitates discussions and meetings between these experts in order to identify best practices and model approaches, which are ideally published or are made publicly available.


In close cooperation with the network of global experts, Sea Alarm and Oil Spill Response have identified sets of crucial wildlife response equipment which have been purchased by Oil Spill Response. This specialized equipment is prepackaged, customs approved and stockpiled at Oil Spill Response warehouses in Southampton (UK), Bahrain and Singapore. The equipment is kept in excellent condition at all times and can be mobilized on request by any interested party.

Sea Alarm has developed equipment lists that can be used to check the completeness of national stocks.

Mobile units

Some counties or organisations have developed so called mobile units. These include complete working units such as veterinary rooms, wash rooms or forward holding centres. In other cases there are plans to erect complete rehabilitation centres using party tents and pre-identified equipment of which the most essential is stored in warehouses. Mobile units have been built using maritime containers which allow quick mobilisation via road or ship. Other units have been built in trailers.

Sea Alarm keeps an overview of existing mobile units and can assist with the mobilisation of these units or providing ideas and examples for the development of new units.

European resources

Sea Alarm has been active for many years in the identification and development of European resources for oiled wildlife response.


Sea Alarm’s network of European experts is composed of key individuals based in European coastal countries who work in marine wildlife rehabilitation centres, NGOs, governmental organisations, scientific institutes and universities. Most of these individuals have been involved in oiled wildlife incidents and have demonstrated their skills under stressful circumstances. Sea Alarm organizes training events and workshops to support their further development.


In addition to expertise, some stakeholders in various European countries have developed mobile facilities and sets of mobile equipment. Sea Alarm keeps track of these developments and is able to identify and arrange for the mobilization of these sets of equipment on request.

The European Response Plan

In 2007, Sea Alarm published the European Oiled Wildlife Response Plan, which is the result of a series of European projects and workshops held in 2006 and 2007. The Plan includes a proposal for the development and deployment of European resources based on existing expertise and equipment that are being developed in European countries.

The Plan is a strategic message that Sea Alarm uses as a spearhead issue in its European advocacy activities (see Advocacy).

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