Responder Networks

Sea Alarm’s global network of oiled wildlife responders includes leading organisations with extensive oiled wildlife response experience. Sea Alarm aims to facilitate the cooperation between these organisations in order to exchange experiences, identify standards of good practice, develop training models and training opportunities, and facilitate international responses, when necessary.

Sea Alarm’s oil spill response network includes a wide range of professional organisations that operate internationally in the field of marine pollution emergency response and preparedness. Thanks to the good relationships that Sea Alarm has built with these organisations, it can easily make the necessary connections, when required in preparation of an oiled wildlife response, and also during and after a response.

Sea Alarm’s European network includes wildlife responders, scientists, governmental agencies and maritime organisations that are based in European coastal countries. Sea Alarm formalized this network, originally called EMPOWER, to provide an infrastructure that supports preparedness and response activities at national, regional and international levels.  Today Sea Alarm is expanding on the EMPOWER concept by developing, in cooperation with key European oiled wildlife response groups, the EUROWA module.  Learn more about EUROWA on the website.

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