National Activities

National workshops and round tables have already been organised in many European countries. Normally Sea Alarm liaises with a national group or network to organise a one-day event in which a number of identified stakeholders attend. If successful, these meetings are often followed by another workshop a few months later in which a more complete group of identified stakeholders are invited, often including the authorities that are responsible for oil spill or oiled wildlife response.

The workshops examine the various challenges of a marine wildlife emergency and the different response approaches they require. Because workshops are informative in the first place and do not put pressure on any particular party, participants frequently discover that they have a lot of shared interests, including the desire to have a closer look into the possibility of developing a higher degree of preparedness.

Although Sea Alarm is prepared to facilitate the planning process (as it did in Belgium) or the more structural cooperation of organisations (as it did in the Netherlands and in Portugal), in some cases one or two meetings led by Sea Alarm is enough to kick off fruitful cooperation between organisations (like in Germany, Norway and Sweden). Sea Alarm closely monitors national processes and regularly reports on any developments through its newsletter.

Sea Alarm’s involvement in so many different countries has provided it with a lot of experience and valuable insight. This information has enabled Sea Alarm to provide better assistance to national stakeholders in their attempts to prepare for a marine wildlife emergency.

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