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Sea Alarm participates in a global network of leading oiled wildlife response groups which includes organisations such as the International Bird Rescue and Research Center, Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research Center, the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, Aiuká, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Focus Wildlife, ProBird, SANCCOB, Massey University and the Wildlife Rescue Centre, Ostend.

Sea Alarm tries to contribute to the cooperation among these oiled wildlife response organisations to promote the exchange of experiences, identify standards of good practice, develop training models and training opportunities, and facilitate international responses when necessary.

The organisations meet predominantly during Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conferences which are held once every two to three years. At these Conferences new developments in approaches to oiled wildlife incidents, new techniques and/or protocols, are shared and case histories of recent incidents are presented and discussed.

This network aims to be a major resource in the preparedness for and response to larger incidents that require the mobilisation of international teams that can assist. Sea Alarm has been a driving force to conceptualise an international oiled wildlife response system that facilitates the mobilisation of the most experienced groups in the world.

As part of its cooperation with Oil Spill Response, Sea Alarm has been instrumental to increase the oil industry’s awareness of risks connected to wildlife in an oil spill response and assists with the industry’s programmes to develop their oiled wildlife response capabilities and preparedness. The global network of leading oiled wildlife response groups is currently exploring with key industry parties how global response capabilities for oiled wildlife can be advanced.

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