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Due to heavy storms, the Greek bulk carrier MS Server hit the island of Fedje on 12 January 2007 and broke in two. The tanker spilled 300-600 tonnes of heavy oil and some diesel close to seabird wintering grounds. Arial surveys of the affected area revealed that hundreds of birds had been affected.

An oiled wildlife response plan was developed between the local responders and the Norwegian Coastal Administration. Sea and Wildlife Alert Norway (SWAN) were given a budget by the authorities to coordinate the wildlife response, according to the plan. This was the first time that wildlife rehabilitation was integrated with oil spill response activities in Norway.

SWAN notified Sea Alarm of the incident a few hours after the collision. Sea Alarm provided advice on the oiled wildlife response and kept in close contact with the different groups involved. Project Blue Sea, a German wildlife response organisation, sent two hands-on experts to assist. Sea Alarm also sent a representative to facilitate meetings between all the stakeholders.

A bird stabilization and holding facility was set up jointly by SWAN and WWF-Norway on the island of Fedje. In total, 36 birds were captured and treated and 24 were released.

This incident demonstrated a successful cooperation between NGOs, the government and the oil industry and the effective use of international resources.

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