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Sea Alarm was called in to assist the Norwegian Oiled Wildlife Response Network (NOW) after the bulk carrier Full City ran aground 31 July on Sastein Island, a bird sanctuary.  The ship was carrying approximately 1,000 tons of bunker fuel and 100 tons of marine diesel, most of which was spilled. More than 1,500 birds, of at least 34 different species, were observed by Norwegian Ornithological Society staff in the early stages of the spill. An estimated 3,000—5,000 bird died in this incident.

Sea Alarm’s Roser Gasol arrived on-site  2 August, providing assistance together with Sea Alarm’s other on-site team members Claude Velter (Wildlife Rescue Centre Ostend), Sascha Regmann (Project Blue Sea, Germany) and Tania Regmann (Project Blue Sea, Germany). Three RSPCA experts joined the international response team on 10 August.  This joint oiled wildlife response effort resulted in approximately 200 birds being taken in for care, of which 96 were released.



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