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Meeting of Focal Points for Specially Protected Areas in the Mediterranean

In order to develop a better understanding of current nature conservation and protection issues in the Mediterranean, Sea Alarm’s Roser Gasol attended the Ninth Meeting of Focal Points for Specially Protected Areas (SPAs) in Malta on the 3-6 June 2009. This biennial meeting is organised by the Tunisian-based Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA), whose primary role is to assist the Contracting Parties in the implementation of the Protocol on Specially Protected Areas and Biodiversity within the framework of the Barcelona Convention.

A wide range of issues were discussed, including: mapping and monitoring marine and coastal biodiversity; protecting sensitive habitats, species and sites; and assessing and mitigating the impacts of threats to biodiversity. The Director of REMPEC, Mr. Frédéric Hébert, presented an analysis of the maritime traffic flows and trends in the Mediterranean, in which the risks of oil spills to wildlife was also mentioned.

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