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A number of intergovernmental bodies are important in the field of oil spill response and preparedness at a global level.

International Maritime Organisation (IMO)
Under the umbrella of the IMO, maritime states meet and agree on rules and regulations that ships and flag states must respect and implement. The IMO acts as the host to a large number of international Conventions and Agreements, including treaties in the field of oil spill response and preparedness. The IMO website therefore is an important source of information on any issue that is relevant to global shipping and maritime transport.

International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC Funds)
The IOPC Fund was set up to provide a compensation mechanism for countries affected by an oil spill that has resulted in various entities (including governmental bodies, companies, organisations, private persons) suffering environmental damage and economic loss. The IOPC provides financial compensation for these entities if the affected country is a signatory to one of the different Conventions on which the Fund is based. The IOPC Funds’ website provides and explanation of the compensation mechanism and guidance on how to prepare and submit a claim. Sea Alarm holds observer status in the IOPC Funds.

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