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In an insightful podcast interview, Jay Holcomb, the Executive Director of the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC), gives a touching account of his involvement in the six-month long response effort in the wake of the Exxon Valdez disaster, which occurred on 24th March 1989 and ultimately killed more than 300,000 seabirds.



Jay describes the impact of the spill, including the screaming of oiled sea otters and how the eagles were eating oiled birds on the beaches as “something out of a science fiction movie.” He goes on to talk about how the spill changed the way IBBRC responds to spills and the setting up of Alaska Wildlife Response Centre. This insightful podcast interview was conducted by IBRRC’s Russ Curtis on 16th March.

Sea Alarm has come also come across an interesting website hosted by the University of the Aegean, Greece, which provides real-time information about ship movements and ports. Check it out at:

Photo: Jay Holcomb giving an interview in the aftermath of the Prestige incident (2002)

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