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In memoriam: Melina Mosch

We were very sad to hear that on 20 February Melina Mosch passed away after losing a long lasting battle against cancer; she was only 28 years of age. Despite her illness, which was diagnosed two years ago, Melina took any opportunity to continue doing what she thought was her main call and drive: saving the lives of animals.

Melina was determined to invest whatever she could to become a prime oiled wildlife responder as part of the German ProBird team. She was also one of the responders Sea Alarm could always count on. Melina went on internship to the International Bird Rescue Research Center and was part of the response to many international responses, including Erika (France, 1999), Prestige (Spain, 2002), Tricolor (Belgium, 2003), Mystery spill Estonia (2006), Glomma spill (Norway, 2007) and various incidents in Germany. By doing so she gained an international reputation of being a very modest, warm and dedicated wildlife responder. We wish her family and the German ProBird team lots of strength to bear the loss of this unique young woman.

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