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Equipment inspection exercise

The oiled wildlife response equipment that is stockpiled at the Oil Spill Response‘s warehouse in Southampton (UK) was recently inspected by leading European responders, including Sea Alarm.

The equipment is stored in four airborne containers and contains equipment for Search and Capture, Veterinary/Triage and Washing/Rehabilitation. It has been selected based on equipment lists in literature and on the advice from wildlife response experts. The stockpiled equipment can be mobilised at the request of an Oil Spill Response member or a third party.

The inspection concluded that the equipment is quite complete and could be used to respond to a spill involving a maximum of 500 birds without a problem. This provides a solid basis for an effective response in the early stages of a developing incident in which this specialised equipment can be used for supporting search and collection activities and setting up a temporary wildlife rehabilitation centre. A list of equipment that should be sourced locally to complement the specialised equipment is being drawn up, which should be included in the response plans of oil companies and other interested parties that aim to mobilise the wildlife equipment from Oil Spill Response. Information on the packing lists and the conditions for equipment mobilisation can be obtained from Sea Alarm or Oil Spill Response.

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