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Daniela Barreras Biesot Joins Sea Alarm  As Senior Technical Advisor

Daniela Barreras Biesot joins Sea Alarm as Senior Technical Advisor

Sea Alarm is pleased to announce that Daniela Barreras Biesot joined our team in August as a Senior Technical Advisor. Daniela is currently replacing Saskia Sessions-Puplett, who is on maternity leave. Daniela will go on maternity leave between October and February, but will continue strengthening the team in 2020, when she and Saskia begin a job share (each working half-time). Daniela was already well acquainted with Sea Alarm well through her work at Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) and recently assisted Sea Alarm during a five-month secondment from OSRL, which finished in July. Daniela brings considerable experience  from her participation in training and oiled wildlife response preparedness while at OSRL to her new role with Sea Alarm.

In this role, she will continue working on European preparedness activities, including coordination of the EUROWA Network and training programme, management of the EUROWA equipment stockpile and database, and outreach to European authorities. She will also serve in a supporting role for the GOWRS project and in general oil industry preparedness activities carried out in partnership with OSRL. As part of the Sea Alarm team she will also will contribute to the organisation’s 24/7 incident response readiness.

Sea Alarm welcomes Daniela and looks forward to her further contributions to our work.

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