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Update on the RIOS Project

  • May 29, 2009

Sea Alarm has received clearance from the European Commission to publish the RIOS (Reducing the Impact of Oil Spills) Action Plan, which assimilates the conclusions and recommendations from the RIOS workshop held in April 2008. Sea Alarm plans to make…

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The RIOS Project

  • October 30, 2008

The Reducing the Impact of Oil Spills (RIOS project), which is funded by DG Research and started in April 2007, is in its final stage of completion. The main objective of the project is the development of an action plan for future research in the area of rehabilitation of oiled animals.

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Developments in Sweden

  • April 4, 2008

Together with Animal Welfare Sweden (Djurskyddet), Sea Alarm organized a national workshop on oiled wildlife response and planning, on 4 April 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Baltic Regional Training Workshop

  • March 19, 2008

A regional training workshop was held in Helsinki on 17-19 March 2008. Organised by WWF-Finland, SYKE, and Sea Alarm, the conference brought together 35 participants from the Baltic coastal states and Norway, and lecturers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Belgium.

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