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Bird Hazing Manual

Dispersing wild animals from a site that is threatened by oil is a useful approach that could avoid a lot of damage amongst wildlife in the aftermath of an oil spill. The newly published Bird Hazing Manual gives wildlife specialists a step-by-step guide to a wide
range of techniques and strategies.

This handy, spiral-bound guide includes sections on initial considerations; bird dispersal techniques including auditory, visual, and combination techniques; exclusion deterrents; and suggested hazing techniques. It also includes an evaluation guide, suggestions on how to format a hazing program, and a guide to materials and supplies. A brief description is also included of the birds likely to be found along California’s coasts, bays, and inland waterways that could be subject to an oil spill.

The Bird Hazing Manual has been produced in cooperation with the Office of Spill Prevention and Response and the California Department of Fish and Game and can be ordered from the University of California website at a cost of $20.

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