Staff Members

General Manager

Mr. Hugo Nijkamp

Hugo Nijkamp is a Marine Biologist who worked for many years as a consultant in marine conservation and fisheries before joining Sea Alarm in 1999. Originally from the Netherlands, Hugo has been the main driving force behind Sea Alarm’s continued development.

Senior Technical Adviser

Mrs. Saskia Sessions-Puplett

Saskia Sessions-Puplett, a Marine Scientist by training, has a strong background in international oil spill response. Her previous experience includes consulting to the oil industry for Oil Spill Response (OSRL) and serving as Project Officer at the European Maritime Safety Agency in Lisbon. Since joining Sea Alarm, Saskia has worked on wildlife response planning projects in a number of countries, particularly within Europe, central Asia and West Africa and has provided wildlife response training to oil industry, NGO and governmental audiences. Originally from the UK, she has been with Sea Alarm since October 2009.

Senior Technical Adviser

Mr. Paul Kelway
Paul Kelway.latestPaul Kelway has been involved in the field of oiled wildlife response since 1999, responding to oil spills in France, Spain, Norway, Mexico, South Africa and the US. He previously served as Emergency Relief Manager for IFAW’s Oiled Wildlife Division and, more recently, as Executive Director of International Bird Rescue. Currently based in the US, he will move to the Brussels office in 2014. Paul, who is originally from the UK, joined Sea Alarm in January 2013.



Mr. Tim Thomas c/o

TimThomas-144x150Tim Thomas, a UK-based consultant on oiled wildlife training and response planning, has been working with Sea Alarm since 2011, having previously served on the organisation’s original Board of Directors. Tim has many years experience in oil spill response, from hands on care to managing and advising on all aspects of wildlife response operations.
During his many years with the RSPCA, he responded to spills throughout the UK, from the Amoco Cadiz in 1978 to the Napoli in 2007. Tim has also worked on oiled wildlife responses in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa, and was awarded an MBE for his work during the Gulf War Spill in 1991. Tim is a founding member of the British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council.


Ms. Dawn Smith c/o

Dawn-SmithDawn Smith, a freelance writer and editor with a background in wildlife rehabilitation, began working on projects for Sea Alarm in 2008. In 2012, she took on a more consistent consultant role with the organisation. Dawn has responded to oil affected wildlife in Alaska, California, Belgium and the UK, led animal care programmes in two US wildlife hospitals, and consulted on a variety of wildlife projects in the US, Europe Africa and Asia.

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