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Paul Kelway facilitates the second in-person meeting of the Global Oiled Wildlife Response System (GOWRS) team.


Hugo Nijkamp attends HELCOM (Helsinki Commission) Response (Baltic) meeting in Stockholm, giving members an overview of the EUROWA project.


Hugo Nijkamp presents information on the EUROWA project at a meeting in The Hague of OTSOPA, the technical working group of the Bonn Agreement (North Sea and North East Atlantic).

The EUROWA project, led by Sea Alarm, produces an e-learning course which serves as the first step in training advanced level oiled wildlife responders.


Saskia Sessions presents on the Oiled Wildlife Response Self-Assessment tool at the AMOP (Arctic and Marine Oilspill Program) Technical Seminar on Environmental Contamination and Response in Canada.

Hugo Nijkamp and Saskia Sessions present on Sea Alarm’s role in oiled wildlife response at a session with Oil Spill Response (OSRL) staff before their Steering Group Meeting with OSRL in the UK.

Sea Alarm, on behalf of the EUROWA project submits an informational paper to the meeting of REMPEC (Mediterranean pollution emergency response) describing the module’s role in oil spill response.

Hugo Nijkamp participates in an ExxonMobil training in Malta.


Paul Kelway facilitates a week-long Global Oiled Wildlife Response System meeting in Delaware, US.


Sea Alarm coordinates a week-long training event in Ostend, Belgium for advanced oiled wildlife responders, designed and delivered by the EUROWA project partners as part of the EUROWA project.

Hugo Nijkamp participates in an oiled wildlife response training and exercise for ExxonMobil Regional Response Team in Malaysia, together with representatives of the JIP 20 GOWRS project.


A second weeklong EUROWA training event for Veterinarians and Facility Managers, held in Ostend, Belgium, is coordinated by Sea Alarm.


Sea Alarm leads second EUROWA equipment exercise in Hamburg, Germany, further refining processes for maintaining oiled wildlife response equipment and supplies for rapid mobilisation within Europe.


The EUROWA project, coordinated by Sea Alarm, delivers specialist handbooks created as part of their oiled wildlife responder training package.

The EU-funded EUROWA Project holds its last Team Event, which includes discussions on carrying the project forward in 2017 and beyond to be integrated as a module of the European Civil Protection Mechanism Module.

GOWRS project partners deliver Joint Industry Project-GOWRS. Funding approved for follow-up project (2017-18).

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