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December 2008

As of the end of 2008, Sea Alarm has updated its global oiled wildlife database-the Country Wildlife Response Profiles- adding 18 countries. The database now includes more than 60 country profiles.

November 2008

Sea Alarm (Hugo Nijkamp) facilitated a training module, consisting of a lecture and a table top exercise to Chevron.

Sea Alarm joined EuroSpill.

October 2008

Sea Alarm (Hugo Nijkamp) attended the most recent HELCOM RESPONSE meeting in Germany on 29-31 October and together with WWF-Finland, reported on the regional Baltic workshop organised in March 2008.

As part of the RIOS project, Sea Alarm led the development of the European Action Plan which was subsequently submitted to the Commission.

At the third meeting of Portuguese environmental groups and rehabilitation centres, the group decided to formalize their cooperation in a Memorandum of Understanding and start developing a national oiled wildlife response plan with the help of Sea Alarm.

August 2008

Sea Alarm (Hugo Nijkamp) facilitated a training module, consisting of a lecture and a table top exercise to StatOilHydro.

June 2008

Sea Alarm moderated a second meeting in Portugal between environmental groups and rehabilitation centres.

May 2008

Sea Alarm and OSRL/EARL facilitated the inclusion of the wildlife aspects of a response in an ARAMCO oil spill exercise in Lisbon.

Sea Alarm (Hugo Nijkamp) gave a presentation on its work in Europe and its cooperation with OSRL/EARL to participants of the OTSOPA 08 meeting.

Sea Alarm (Hugo Nijkamp) attended the 20th triennial International Oil Spill Conference (IOSC) in Savannah, Georgia.

April 2008

Sea Alarm (Hugo Nijkamp, Roelf de Boer and Ian White) attended the Seatrade Awards Ceremony Dinner in London. Roelf de Boer, the chair of Sea Alarm, accepted the Certificate of Commendation on behalf of Sea Alarm.

The Sea Alarm Board Meeting took place in Brussels, Belgium.

Zoomarine and Sea Alarm facilitated a national workshop for Portuguese NGOs to discuss how the issue of oiled wildlife response and preparedness could be advanced in Portugal. Hugo Nijkamp (Sea Alarm) chaired the meeting.

Sea Alarm (Hugo Nijkamp) attended the RIOS Workshop at Zoomarine, in Albufeira, Portugal. As one of three consortium members, Hugo Nijkamp gave presentations on wildlife contingency planning and the coordination of networks.

Together with Animal Welfare Sweden (Djurskyddet), Sea Alarm (Hugo Nijkamp) organized a national workshop on oiled wildlife response and planning in Stockholm, Sweden. Hugo Nijkamp gave a general introduction to the subject of oiled wildlife response planning.

Sea Alarm joined the International Spill Control Organisation (ISCO).

March 2008

A regional training workshop was organised in Helsinki by WWF-Finland, SYKE, and Sea Alarm. The workshop brought together 35 participants from the Baltic coastal states and Norway, and lecturers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Belgium, and presented information on oiled wildlife response and preparedness.

Sea Alarm developed and assisted in a national oiled wildlife response table top exercise in Ostend, Belgium, which simulated the first meeting of the wildlife response coordination team in a realistic spill scenario.

February 2008

Sea Alarm arranged for the mobilisation of several Belgian wildlife rehabilitators to assist in the response effort in the aftermath of the mystery spill that occurred in the Federal State of Schleswig Holstein.

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