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December 2005

Sea Alarm was a guest speaker at the Sixth Meeting of the HELCOM Response Group, and gave a presentation on oiled wildlife response planning. The presentation was well received and the meeting delegates agreed to further investigate the issue before the Seventh Meeting of the Group.

November 2005

Together with the Irish Seal Sanctuary, Sea Alarm assisted the Fingal County Council with the organisation of a national seminar to discuss oiled wildlife response planning with other local authorities, the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and the Irish Coast Guard.

Sea Alarm presented an overview of its activities to wildlife veterinarians who were taking part in a course at the Veterinary School of Nantes, in France.

October 2005

This marks the start of long-term cooperation between Sea Alarm and Oil Spill Response and East Asia Response Ltd (OSRL/EARL).

August 2005

Sea Alarm participated in the Eighth Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Sea Alarm presented two papers and chaired one session.

May 2005

Sea Alarm attended the International Oil Spill Conference, held in Miami, Florida, USA.

April 2005

Sea Alarm agreed to assist the coastal rehabilitation centres in the Netherlands in developing a structure for cooperation on oiled wildlife response planning and preparedness. Meetings were held in April and November 2005, and another meeting was scheduled for January 2006.

March – August 2005

Sea Alarm took the lead on the writing and production of the Project Portfolio of the International Alliance of Oiled Wildlife Responders.

March – July 2005

Sea Alarm was involved in the writing and submission of three project proposals following a call for proposals in the field of Accidental and Deliberate Marine Pollution.

March – April 2005

Sea Alarm participated in two BP emergency response training sessions.

March 2005

Hugo Nijkamp was elected Vice-Chairman of the International Alliance of Oiled Wildlife Responders and became a member of the Executive Committee.

February 2005

Sea Alarm was asked to lead discussions between key players in oiled wildlife response in Germany. Meetings were held in May and November 2005, and another meeting was scheduled for January 2006. The meetings, organised and chaired by Sea Alarm, are increasingly attended by relevant authorities and might result in an agreed strategy or plan to respond to future oiled wildlife incidents.

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