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November 2004

Together with the Irish Seal Sanctuary, Sea Alarm organised the Third Sea Alarm Conference, which was held in Ireland. The Conference welcomed over 45 delegates from 26 organisations and 8 countries and resulted in fruitful exchanges between authorities, oiled wildlife responders and industry representatives. Participants jointly produced a list of recommendations, entitled The Balbriggan Declaration.

November 2004 – October 2005

Discussions and negotiations were held between Sea Alarm and the oil industry on the development of a long term programme on oiled wildlife preparedness. An agreement was finalized in September 2005, and the agreed joint programme commenced on 1 October 2005.

April – October 2004

Sea Alarm was asked to take a coordinating role in the development of an Oiled Birds Response Plan for the Belgian Coast. The Project Group was comprised of all Belgian key players, including the responsible authorities, scientific institutions, wildlife responders and some NGOs. The final draft of the Plan was agreed by the Project Group in October 2004. The Plan was signed in June 2005, by the responsible Federal Ministers and the Governor of the coastal province. It has since been integrated into the national and provincial pollution emergency response plans.

March 2004

Sea Alarm organised a workshop in Athens for international oiled wildlife experts to examine the content of the Guidelines for Oiled Wildlife Response Planning, which was also attended by several Greek NGOs. Click here to download the report.

Sea Alarm started a dialogue with Helmepa, a Greek environmental NGO, set up more than 25 years ago by Greek ship owners. Helmepa expressed its intention to seek closer cooperation in the prevention of, and response to marine oil spills.

January – November 2004

As commissioned by the IPIECA Oil Spill Working Group, Sea Alarm took the lead in writing and producing the IPIECA Guide to Oiled Wildlife Response Planning, which was published by IPIECA in November 2004 as Volume 13 in their Report Series on Oil Spill Response and Preparedness.

January 2004

Sea Alarm started a project to develop Guidelines for Oiled Wildlife Response Planning. The project was sponsored by IPIECA’s Oil Spill Working Group, BP and Total, and resulted in the publication of IPIECA’s Guide to Oiled Wildlife Response Planning, in October 2005. To download the Guide, please click here.

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