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October 2003

Sea Alarm gave a presentation on Dealing with the Tricolor incident in Belgium and the Netherlands: lessons for the future, at a seminar in the Netherlands. The seminar brought together interested parties to evaluate the incident.

Sea Alarm attended the Seventh Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference in Hamburg, Germany. Hugo Nijkamp gave a presentation on Recent European Oiled Wildlife Incident and the Need for European Wildlife Contingency Planning.

September – November 2003

Sea Alarm assisted the Belgian Bird Protection League in preparing and submitting a claim to P&I Club Gard, the insurance company liable for the Tricolor. In early 2004, the League received a total sum of €89,571 from the P&I Club, representing 85% of the expenses incurred in the aftermath of the Tricolor incident.

June 2003

Sea Alarm was invited to attend the annual meeting of the Wildlife Response Coordination Committee of SOTEAG in Shetland, Scotland. This Committee is responsible for pre-spill planning of any oiled wildlife incident on Shetland. SOTEAG’s response plan is one of the first response plans in Europe and is regarded as an international model. Sea Alarm was added to the phone list of the response plan, and the intention to establish formal links between the WRCC and Sea Alarm was expressed.

May 2003

Sponsored by INTERTANKO, the first Sea Alarm Newsletter was published.

The Tricolor incident occurred in Belgium. At the invitation of the Belgian authorities, Sea Alarm provided assistance and advice to those involved in the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation operation, and assumed the role of overall adviser.

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