Friends of Sea Alarm

When oil spills affect birds, mammals and reptiles at sea many people and organisations become active in response. Sea Alarm plays a unique role amidst these stakeholders. It facilitates cooperation and assists organisations in working together in the immediate aftermath of an incident. Equally important, Sea Alarm helps stakeholders to prepare for a wildlife incident before it happens.

Sea Alarm does not need to be a large organisation to be effective. But it needs a stable structural budget to keep its important activities going. A relatively large share of Sea Alarm’s working budget presently comes from the oil industry and the European Commission. But this is simply not enough to ensure the organisation’s long-term existence.

You can support Sea Alarm’s innovative activities in Europe by contributing to Sea Alarm’s Development and Emergency Fund. The Fund is used to support several activities, such granting individual scholarships and travel bursaries for responders to attend conferences and trainings, and covering intervention costs where needed.

The Fund was originally made possible through a generous donation from the Tour Pour La Mer event in 2006.  Your contribution will help Sea Alarm’s Development and Emergency Fund to continue its important work, thereby enabling us to do even more for oiled wildlife.

Every donation will be mentioned on our website, and the logos of companies and organisations that donate €2000 or more will be prominently displayed there.

Please consider making a contribution to Sea Alarm either as an individual or a company to help improve oiled wildlife preparedness and response.

Please make your donation by PayPal, or by bank transfer:

ING 363-0280528-44 of Sea Alarm Foundation, Brussels, Belgium
IBAN: BE55 3630 2805 2844