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A Brand-new Phase Of Cooperation With Oil Spill Response Limited

A brand-new phase of cooperation with Oil Spill Response Limited

We are very pleased to announce that Sea Alarm has signed a new multi-year agreement with Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL), ensuring our continuing cooperation for the coming years.

Sea Alarm and OSRL have been working in collaboration since 2005 to enhance levels of oiled wildlife preparedness and response with industry, governments and NGOs, which has been described in an earlier article.

This new agreement, which covers the period 2021-2025, will build upon the multiple achievements from the previous 15 years, but also targets some fields in which both organisations desire to collaborate, on the basis of a shared vision. That shared vision is to see OSRL members supported and actively working to enhance oiled wildlife preparedness arrangements within their own organisation and in countries or regions at risk. The collaborative work will focus on activities where OSRL and Sea Alarm join their unique strengths and expertise fields to achieve outcomes that would be difficult to achieve individually.

The uniqueness of this structural cooperation is that OSRL understands the unique role Sea Alarm plays as a truly independent and impartial facilitator, bridging gaps and catalysing innovative processes. We are truly grateful for that support and the good working relationship that we have developed over the years. We are looking forward to starting this new phase in our collaboration in the new year.

Photo:OSRL-Sea Alarm online Steering Group Meeting at which the new Agreement was celebrated.

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