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At least 1,500 birds thought to be affected by Full City spill

The Norwegian Ornithological Society (NOF) has observed 34 species of birds affected by the Full City spill, which occurred in southern Norway on 31 July. While NOF representatives have to date observed over 1,500 oiled birds in the field, the total number of birds affected by the spill is predicted to be far higher.

The Norwegian Oiled Wildlife Response Network (NOW) is leading the organisation and coordination of the response. Sea Alarm’s Roser Gasol has been on-site since 2 August, providing assistance together with Sea Alarm’s other on-site team members Claude Velter (Wildlife Rescue Centre Ostend), Sascha Regmann (Project Blue Sea, Germany) and Tania Regmann (Project Blue Sea, Germany). Three RSPCA experts will be joining the international response team on 10 August.

Speaking on 10 August from the wildlife rehabilitation centre established at Langesund harbour, Roser Gasol confirmed that “the wildlife response is steadily progressing. Birds stayed overnight for the first time in the outdoor pools, demonstrating that the birds are successfully going through the last phase of the rehabilitation process. It’s very rewarding after all our efforts to finally reach this point.”

The Sea Alarm team in Brussels is closely monitoring new developments and publishing the latest information on Additional information on the wildlife response can be found on (in Norwegian) and developments on the overall response can be found on (in Norwegian).

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